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Mixed Reality

an immersive experience

Mixed Reality drastically changes the way we experience technology and the digital world. We have the possibility to live shared immersive scenarios and to bring people from all over the world together offering real-time interactions, education, training, collaboration and remote assistance. Communication can reach peaks never reached before. 

Doctor in a blue uniform holds a 3D model of a virus while wearing a VR headset compatible with Fifthingenium products


Collaborate and communicate

Mixed Reality enables people from around the world to collaborate in the same environment, working on the same 3D objects, in real-time as if they were together in the same place. 


Users can project overlays that display important associated information, helping them gain a clearer understanding of the project or activity at hand. 

Explore spaces and ideas

See holograms from your colleague’s prospective even if they are on the other side of the word. It will be simpler to understand your peers point of view. 


Full holographic representations of objects and processes enable training to be far more effective as users explore and interact in scenarios that look and respond as if they were the real thing. 

Visualize your work

Go beyond what a 2D rendering can do by working in 3D. Thanks to holograms you can visualize and manipulate your project in a 3D model for a high visual impact. 

3D modeling

Holographic renderings of a product or any other object can be placed, sized and manipulated in a mix of real world and virtual environments. 


FifthIngenium is technological partner of the main players in the IT area. We develop with different devices and test the brand new ones, suggesting the best devices for our clients. 

HoloLens 2

HoloLens 2 offers the most comfortable and immersive Mixed Reality experience available today, with gesture recognition, eye tracking and voice commands for a natural interaction, keeping the operator’s hands free for handling tools and operating machineries.

Xreal Light

Xreal Light is compact and comfortabledesigned for a daily useand Android Smartphones compatibleLight and compactCheap and effective, Nreal Light offers breathtaking visual experiences.  

Magic Leap 2

Magic Leap 2 is a state of the art AR device released in 2022. It features industry leading optics with up to 70° diagonal FOV, with dynamic dimming capability transforming it to a VR headset and a very lightweight ergonomic design.The external computing unit is powered by an AMD Quad-core Zen2 X86 processor, featuring 16GB of RAM, and a AMD GFX10.2 GPU, making it the most powerful autonomous AR device on the market.

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  • Are you planning on organizing a Mixed Reality event or seminar?
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