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New Update 1.21

May 13, 2024

May 13, 2024

We are excited to announce the release of update 1.21! This update brings several new features and enhancements that will enrich user experience and expand the capabilities of our applications. 

New Brand Identity!

We are thrilled to introduce the new style adopted by Fifth, which includes a new image for the icon and a restyling of the anchors, now enriched by our brand. This reflects our commitment to providing a cohesive and recognizable experience in all interactions with the application. 

What's new in Portal

Locked Deck

We carefully listen to your feedback: decks uploaded by the staff are now locked to prevent accidental editing or deletion. This means that the original lesson guide will always be available, ensuring greater peace of mind when using the platform. Thank you for your reflexions and feedback, which allow us to continuously improve Tinalp to best meet your needs.

Deck Summary

Now you will have complete control over all deck data. Each deck will include a detailed summary of how many and which media are included, the number of slides and steps, as well as the weight of the media broken down by type and the overall total of the deck. This will allow you to manage your materials more efficiently and accurately, ensuring an optimal experience across all our platforms.

Desktop App Button

Furthermore, we present a new feature that allows you to transition from the portal to augmented space without the use of headsets. With a simple click, you can open the desktop application and view what you have inserted. This provides a quick and convenient way to explore your content even without a headset, increasing speed, flexibility and accessibility of our platform.


We are pleased to announce an update to our Charts on the portal! Now, on 2D and 3D charts, sample schemes have been added to provide a preview of the selected chart type. This new feature allows you to see the chart shape, making it easier to choose the most suitable visualization for your needs.

Multiple File Upload

Enhanced with the ability to upload multiple files simultaneously in the portal editor, streamlining the process of adding content and making it more efficient and faster. Additionally, a control feature has been introduced: if there are references to missing external models in a template, the file will not be uploaded, and the error will be reported. This will help you manage your materials more accurately and without interruptions.

Password Recovery

We have implemented the suggestion to make password recovery easier in case of loss, both on the app and on the portal. Now, if needed, you will receive instructions for password recovery via email.

What's new in App

Syncronized Activity

We are pleased to introduce a new exclusive feature! Now you can enjoy active and inclusive engagement by interacting with ongoing activities at any time. This addition will ensure even smoother synchronization among all participants, reducing waiting times and making the learning experience more dynamic than ever. Take advantage of this opportunity to make your activities on Tinalp even more interactive and engaging!

HTC Vive

This update will bring greater smoothness and enhancements to the experience for users of HTC Vive. With this latest version, we ensure an even more immersive and seamless experience for all users of this headset.

New Media Panels

We present to you the new design for the 2D media panel! This addition provides a more comprehensive and appealing user interface, enhancing the user experience for everyone. With this new feature, you will be able to easily access your favorite multimedia content and further enhance your experience across all our platforms.

VR Rooms from mobile and tablets

Starting today, you can immerse yourself in virtual environments using your mobile device! With this new feature, you can choose your desired virtual environment and explore the surrounding space using the buttons that will appear on the screen. Additionally, the same virtual environments can also be used with VR headsets, offering an even more immersive and flexible experience. Try out this new mode of virtual exploration now!

Last but not least

Furthermore, we have improved the graphical interface design. With this modification, we have worked to make the visual experience more enjoyable and intuitive for all users, reducing the loading time. 

We have fixed some minor bugs to improve the stability and reliability of our service, ensuring that the user experience is always optimal. Thank you for your patience and support as we continually strive to make our product better for you. 

We are committed to continuously improving our products, with users at the forefront. Your feedback is invaluable to us and helps guide our future development. Please continue to share your thoughts and experiences with us so we can continue to provide you with the best experience possible. Thank you for your trust and choice. 

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