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3D Viewer

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3D Viewer is an Augmented Reality application developed by FifthIngenium that allows to display digital 3D models within the real physical space. The application uses Microsoft HoloLens holographic technology to display new design elements and any related technical details. 


Designed for Industry 4.0, it allows the creation and addition of 3D models in the app simply via QR code, at any time. The user can interact through a menu with the 3D object in different ways: by moving it or anchoring it in space; adding cutting planes for sectioning and analyzing the details; focusing one or more components, making some transparent, for a more targeted focus; share the experience among several people, for simultaneous observation of the same 3D object, both in presence and/or from remote. 


IVECO, Italian company specialized in the production of industrial vehicles and buses


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