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Hololens App for Timac Agro

What did the customer ask for?

Timac Agro Italia has contacted us to get ready for international fairs like Interpoma, the only trade show in the world dedicated exclusively to apples, and Fruit Logistica fair, an international trade fair about fresh fruit and vegetables. The company wanted to stand out from its competitors by offering a smart and technological booth to its visitors.

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HoloMele - Interpoma 2018

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Fruit Logistica 2020


FifthIngenium developed and improve a HoloLens app dedicated to apples. 

The goal was strictly related to entertainment: offering visitors a beautiful, exciting, and engaging experience. In three different steps, we showed data in 2D tables organized in an aggregate of 3D data. We showed in 3D the growing cycle of an apple tree in the different seasons, giving information about the best nutrition for the plant according with the season, which was projected on the ground with virtual graphics a for better immersion of the experience with HoloLens and for involve and attract people passing by the stand. Finally, some images compared the different results about using vs not using Timac Agro products. At the end of the experience, a final video related to Timac Agro history was projected. 


Timac Agro Italia is the Italian branch of Groupe Roullier, an international company which deals with vegetable nutrition.  


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