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What did the customer ask for?

Timac Agro Italia needed to optimize the CRM in support of the commercial network, implementing features to improve communication with their customers. 


FifthIngenium developed a mobile app for Timac Agro Italia’s technical sales team, with a double purpose: on the one hand, to collect information about prospects and customers and their crops, integrating this data to the existing CRM; on the other hand, to support the communication of the agronomist. In particular, from his tablet, the technician is able to show the farmer the phenological phases of different crops (apple, pear or tomato) and illustrate which product is targeted for each different growing phase, showing the technical data sheet and with the support of videos about the reference crop, and interviews with experts. 


Timac Agro Italia is the Italian branch of Groupe Roullier, an international company which deals with vegetable nutrition.  


Software Development, System Integration


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