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What did the customer ask for?

The client wanted to offer its own customers an easy tool for maintenance and assistance for its main product, a “smart cable”, optimizing the cable maintenance process and offering the operator the possibility to receive real-time data from the smart cables via the embedded IoT framework without wasting paper.

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HoloCable is the HoloLens application developed by FifthIngenium to satisfy the client needs. Using HoloLens, thanks to Mixed Reality the worker can access the real-time augmented information about the state of wear and tear of the cable, and the related technical data. 

By having the information ready and displayed on a holographic board’s, whenever the IoT framework transmits a non-optimal status message, the worker can instantly access all the relevant data of the cable and easily proceed with the direct request for intervention, through the app itself.


Kollmorgen, innovative company which provide also for industrial-grade shielded Ethernet cables


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