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HoloDentist for StudioZero

What did the customer ask for?

The client wanted to improve communication with patients, both adults and children. He was looking for an innovative and simple way to let patients better understand and accept the treatment plan. At the same time, the desired outcome was to gain the reputation of being perceived as a cutting-edge clinic investing in the latest available technologies. In addition to this, the doctors wanted to explore new solutions for local and remote training, guided surgery and better communication with the dental lab.


HoloDentist is a FifthIngenium product which satisfied the customer needs. Thanks to HoloDentist and Mixed Reality it is possible to simulate real case scenarios in immersive contexts, to overcome barriers related to physical distance by teleporting people all over the world for real-time interactions, to improve doctor/patient relationship and to increase safety during complex procedures thanks to the availability of clearer data without removing the focus from the patient.


Studio Zero, Italian Private Dental Clinic


Mixed Reality



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