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What did the customer ask for?

The client wanted to support operators during maintenance operations, to ensure that all the tasks and procedures are carried out in the correct order and following the steps described in the instruction manuals of each machinery.

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The developed Augmented Reality application can guide the operator step by step in the maintenance phase. By approaching the machine while wearing Microsoft Hololens running FifthIngenium’s custom app, the operator will be able to visualize the sequence of operations (checklist) he/she has to verify, each one displayed on a different block, with a clear indication to safety devices present on or nearby the machinery. For each step the operator can indicate if the task has been carried out or immediately report problems to the head of the shift through the app, which is connected to the factory signaling system. Finally, if necessary, the operator can load and display the instruction manual or videos with the technical data sheet, to learn or be reminded how to perform the required operations, while keeping his hands completely free.


IVECO, Italian company specialized in the production of industrial vehicles and buses


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