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What did the customer ask for?

The client needed a Workplace Design & Safety Risk Analysis tool to support the factory design team in planning a new area within the plant, to establish a brand new production line and configuring the spaces to ensure ergonomics and workers safety standards (WCM) are met.

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HoloRelayout is the HoloLens application developed by FifthIngenium which solves this challenge: using Augmented Reality is possible to support the set-up and relayout operations of the line workstations, ensuring compliance with the rules of ergonomics and the physical spaces occupied by machineries, operators and tools, and reducing the risk of errors and the subsequent costs. This solution offers the possibility of positioning the hologram of machineries to evaluate the overall dimensions of the new production line. In addition, a full-size manikin hologram is provided to visualize the parameters/areas of ergonomics and safety, displaying the Strike zone and Golden zone (WCM).


IVECO, Italian company specialized in the production of industrial vehicles and buses


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