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What did the customer ask for?

The client wanted to offer an efficient Remote Assistance to its clients, with the aim to have business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic, when traveling costs and times increased, by allowing a remote expert to being “phygitally” present near the local operator and the machine. 
The client wanted to offer to its perspective and existing customers an easy-to-use, efficient and simple tool to allow clients to choose their selected apartment features such as size, number of rooms, position and floor.
Another request was to allow the user to book an appointment with the Sales Team after configuring the apartment.


Starting from the raw architectural data extracted from the BIM, the tool calculates all the possible combinations of apartments that can be sold to fill every position in the building(s) and propose the user the unsold solutions, maximizing the economic result and minimizing the overlap of proposals on the same positions and floors.
The customer journey ends with the possibility to book an appointment, either online or in-store, to perfect his/her choice and possibly to close the deal.
All the information are also seamlessly integrated with the CRM, resulting in a more customized purchasing experience for the end customers, and a better organized sales experience for the Sales Managers.


AbitareIn S.p.A. is a Real Estate development company focusing in the residential sector in Milan. The Company is very IT oriented and keen on delivering tailored purchasing customer experiences to its client.


Software Development, System Integration


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