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LabyrinTEA Experience

What did the customer ask for?

Coca-Cola wanted to launch its new product, the iced tea FUZETEA, with a 4 days special event set in the heart of Milan, offering a brand new and immersive experience for visitors’ all five senses. 


FifthIngenium took part in the launch of FUZETEA at the Arco della Pace. It was a wonderful, multisensory experience set in a real 200 square meters plants labyrinth, where sensory perception went beyond reality. In LabyrinTea visitors could be immersed in unexpected visions that came to life before their eyes thanks to HoloLens. Using this 3D viewer, every visitor discovered the surprises scattered along the labyrinth’s path and lived a unique and engaging experience for the first time available to the general public. At the end of the walk in the labyrinth, people could finally taste the iced tea. 


Coca-Cola is one of the world's biggest producers of beverages.


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