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What did the customer ask for?

The client demanded a HoloLens application for medical training, to study the pathology or simulate a surgery, with the possibility to add patient’s real 3D models while featuring the possibility to share and interact with the 3D data. 

Medics - Case 1

Medics - Case 2


FifthIngenium developed this HoloLens application designed for training in medical field.

The 3D models, reconstructed starting from DICOM files acquired through 3D radiographical machines, are displayed in the phygital space thanks to Mixed Reality technology. One or more doctors can interact with 3D models in different ways: by moving them in space; adding cutting planes to observe and analyze details; hide, show or focus on specific organs or parts, and more.
The experience can be shared in real-time among several team members for simultaneous observation of the same 3D object, both in presence or remotely.


Medics is a start-up which has developed a methodology to reconstruct 3D high fidelity anatomy models to support doctors in the surgery planning phase.


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