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Mosaic Trial

What did the customer ask for?

MOSAIC is a project supported by Cariplo Foundation and Cariplo Crew. The goal was to create a product to promote the inclusion in school of children with autism disorder’s, through a teachers training program and by using customizable and programmable Smart Objects. Focus of the trial was the first months of primary school, since school integration in a new environment is not easy for children with autism disorder, but this system was later applied to older children attending more advanced classes.


Through MOSAIC it is possible to create customized playful-educational activities aimed at targeting specific needs of the autistic child and the class group. During the period of experimentation we perfected the product and the training offer. We collected encouraging results for the effectiveness of the product in terms of school inclusion (+90%), for the use of Smart Objects in teaching (+94%) and for quality of teachers’ training (+91% improving teachers autism knowledges).

MOSAIC is now available on the market. Thanks to the designed for all concept, it is usable from any people, with any kind of disability, from 3 to 14 years old.


Primary schools, first year


Software Development


Education, Healthcare

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