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What did the customer ask for?

Microsoft contacted us to collaborate with them, Teorema (technological solutions) and PWC (consultancy and project management). The client uses Dicom x-ray sequences files. The idea was to transform these files into 3D models for Augmented Reality. 

SIRM - Case 1

SIRM - Case 2


FifthIngenium developed the HoloLens app. The 3D model, along with the patient information, is imported and displayed in Augmented Reality thanks to Microsoft Hololens holographic technology. In addition, the App features the possibility of interacting with the 3D model, including automatic rotation, resizing controls, cutting planes used to section the 3D model and look inside it. Last but not least, the app features a shared experience mode, which enables operators to interact and manipulate the same 3D objects. 


SIRM, Italian Society of Medical and Interventional Radiology


Mixed Reality



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