The first learning and therapy platform for motor and cognitive disabilities, based on pedagogic/rehabilitative paradigms of game and body movement. FifthElement helps patients during their sessions at therapy centers and at home with “game-activities” patterns customizable on their specific needs.
Technology can have a big impact on the relationship between therapists and families, simplifying the therapeutic activities. FifthElement introduces a innovative non-invasive method to improve cognitive rehabilitation processes.  Using the movement and visual contents we can stimulate dierent parts of patient’s brain, improving it’s capacity to create new neural patterns and to “learn” how overcome limits created by pathologies. In addition, eectiveness of every therapy depend by the patient’s engagement in the rehabilitation processes and thanks to FifthElement is possible to create very immersive and engaging therapeutic experience.


Natural User Experience / Customizable Activities / Trackable Results/ Remote Assistance and supervisioning

What we did

Graphic design / Kinect / Natural User Interfaces / Cloud / Mobile


Matteo Valoriani, Luigi Oliveto, Antimo Musone, Giulia Piccoli Trapletti, Francesco Clasadonte