From 7 to 13 March, we participated in the launch of FUZETEA, the new Coca-Cola iced tea in the heart of Milan, at the Arco della Pace. It is a wonderful multisensory experience set in a real 200 mq labyrinth, realized with real plants and rich in scents, where sensory perception goes beyond reality. In LabyrinTea visitors can immerse themselves in unexpected visions and mergers that come to life before their eyes thanks to HoloLens. Through the use of this viewer, every visitor can discover the surprises scattered along the labyrinth’s path and live a unique and engaging experience for the first time available to the general public.

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We develop the environment and rent HoloLens

What we did

Graphic design / AR


Matteo Valoriani, Luigi Oliveto, Francesco Clasadonte, Giulia Piccoli Trapletti

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